Monthly Archives: March 2013

Just Start.


The hardest step is always the first one.

I tend to over think, over analyze, worry incessantly and try to intercept any possible “bad” outcome before even beginning a project. I become paralyzed with indecision, confused about how to go about starting and overwhelmed by every imaginable inadequacy.

What angle should I take? What piece should I tackle first? How would I handle it if a, b, c, things go wrong? What if I fail? What if I never finish? What if I regret even diving into this in the first place?

The chorus of doubting, fearful voices in my head are loud and unkind. They know my weaknesses and exploit them until I am quaking in my boots. The first step for me is always terrifying.


The first step is also full of excitement and eagerness and anticipation. I am on the edge of something with miraculous potential! This thing could be life-changing! It could be amazing and wonderful and fun.

The struggle for me is always in how to embrace the uncertainty and grasp on to the excitement. Once I get past the negative chorus I can turn my doubts on their heads, welcome imperfection and (in the words of Nike) JUST. DO. IT.

My way to flip it it all around is to.. begin. Just start. Once I allow perfection, inadequacy, worry and fear to just fade away I am able to lose myself in the process and everything becomes much more manageable and oftentimes, enjoyable.

Just start.

Just start has become my main mantra. Repeating it over and over and over takes the pressure off, gets me out the door and allows me to just GO. Just start is transformative. Just start works. 



Here it is – my latest first step. Welcome to Steadfast and Joyful. Thanks for stopping by.