Monthly Archives: January 2014



One of my goals this year was to take an art class (or two). So, in the fall, I took a pottery class!

I spent every Monday at the studio throwing clay. I had taken a couple of pottery classes in college and really enjoyed working with my hands. I’m not very good, in fact, it took a long time for my muscle memory to come back – almost the entire 8 weeks. However, I found the process super meditative and relaxing. It was so nice to create things just because. I had no goals, no plans, no real need for anything that I was making. The goal was simply to make.

It was also really nice to just get a break from the computer screen.

I would love to try something else – something analog, something new. Maybe painting? Maybe printmaking? The further away I get from school, the less I feel like an artist. I don’t want to lose that part of myself. I’ve always wanted to be an artist. It’s definitely a priority of mine to nurture my creativity. To make just to make.




*Casey got in on the fun too! Photos from a Friday night drop-in class – those are his arms, not mine :)