Monthly Archives: April 2014

My Brain on Moving


Let me start this out by saying that overall, this move has been straightforward and super simple. Casey’s company has totally taken care of lots of the logistics, and we are so so grateful that we did not have to navigate this process alone. Thank you to Sarah and Jessica and Linette and Kim and the movers and heavy lifters and our parents – we could not have done it without you.





Moving is never an easy process, whether across town or across the ocean. There are so many details to consider – should we pack all of our art or put it in storage? Can we bring our bikes? Should we live in town or closer to the office? Will our furniture fit in this apartment? Shoot, we should have brought all of our artwork – this place is huge! Will that IKEA couch last? How should we arrange the living room? Wait, it costs $200 just to turn the electricity on? Will the movers be able to fit our furniture up the stairs? When is our car going to arrive? Do we need a Puerto Rican driver’s license? Will we have a place for guests to sleep? It takes how long for the internet to get turned on?! Me disculpo por mi terrible español… habla inglés?




I have to keep telling myself to slooooow down. One thing at a time. Electricity is important, pay the damn $200. The IKEA couch will totally work. Our furniture will definitely fit. We don’t need to decorate the whole place in a day. Stop checking Pinterest. You can get free wifi at the hotel down the street if need be. The movers will figure out how to navigate the stairs. Mom and Dad can ship the art if we really want it. Our guests will be fine – this is why air mattresses exist. Casey’s coworkers will help you with the DMV. Seriously, stop looking at Pinterest!




We’re one week in, and things are great. The people here are incredibly helpful and understanding and friendly. We’re getting settled. Casey’s job is good. I’m getting used to my new schedule. We’re adjusting to the weather 😉 We have our first visitor this week (Hi, Brian! We knew you would be first!) and are so excited to spend the next couple of weekends exploring. Maybe we will have things hung up and the last boxes unpacked by the time our next round of visitors arrives. Who’s next?