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I’m Working On // Reading Inspired Art + A Free Download!

iwo-bookart-1One of the most exciting things about our new place is that it has an extra bedroom – ie dedicated office space for me!! I have been working on whipping this room into shape – buying furniture, hanging things on the wall… the fun stuff!

I’m super excited to not only have my own workspace (A pink desk! A wide open floor to lay out projects! A door to close when I’m in the middle of something and don’t want to clean up!) but also to have a spot for a little reading nook. Our corner shelves and most of our books ended up in this room, and I wanted to use the books as inspiration for some fun, simple, and inexpensive wall art. 

First up is this humorous, “I like big books and I cannot lie” print. I saw this saying on a bookstore tote bag and immediately knew it needed to be hanging up in my office. 

I set some type in a minty green circle in Illustrator, and printed it out. If I had big enough paper, this would have been the only step, but in order to fill a 12×12 frame I had laying around, I cut out the circle and pasted it onto a piece of spare mat board. I cleaned the glass and BOOM. Awesome and hilarious – it makes me smile every time I look at it. 


This next piece is (believe it or not) even geekier. As I was re-reading Harry Potter for the 297852930645034th time, I realized how awesome the drop caps are at the beginning of each chapter. I wondered if I could find an “M” (for our last name) or a “K” for my first name and cleverly crop it. 

I paged through several books and found a couple of “M’s” and one “K” – but the “K” was in the word “Kreacher” which… just… didn’t do it for me. So “M” it was! I took a couple pictures with my phone (this would totally be better if I had a scanner and scanned it in, but since I printed it so small, the quality didn’t matter as much).

Then I brought it into Photoshop, adjusted the levels a bit and cropped it to fit another frame I had on hand. Voila! Subtle HP fan art. 


I know you’re all dying to have such amazing art grace your walls too, so here is a free download of the “big books” art – it’s ready for printing and framing in any 8×10 frame. High fives to all my fellow book nerds! 

PS I turned all of our books around on a whim the other day. It’s definitely not the most practical, but it is a bit less distracting… not sure how long they’ll stay this way :)

In the Works

desk-7.7.2014This is what my desk looks like today. I finally feel like I’m getting into the groove of working alone/for myself. I’m feeling proud and happy that my to-do list is both full and fulfilling. Finally! Here’s a small taste of what’s happening around here.

Prepping a new brand for launch this fall/winter!

Wrapping up a fun side project with Casey that will hopefully launch next winter (we aren’t allowed to share too many details but I will definitively say this: it’s NOT a baby #notmenotnow).

Meeting with my (fingers crossed) first local client.

Working with a new (to me) web platform for a friend’s new business.

Training (finally) for a sprint tri next month (gulp!) 

Trying to be more creative with our vegetable intake.

Missing Vermont a lot after a slew of sunset/summer/July 4th posts hit my instagram feed last weekend.

Hoping to get my sewing machine out this week – I have big plans for pillows in the living room, plus a quilt to finish.

Looking for some new reading material. Any book suggestions?

Sketching lots of new website layouts.