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You + Me


A couple months ago, I saw a blog post with several “First Dance” playlists for weddings. I eagerly skimmed though it, looking for the song that Casey and I danced to at our wedding, but it wasn’t there. I found myself feeling partially glad – that must mean we are unique! – and partially sad, because I really liked our song, and thought it was an excellent start to our life together. 

But then I got thinking that maybe a wedding song is an “in the moment” kind of thing. You know, I seriously doubt that anyone regrets their first dance song, I mean, I honestly haven’t even thought about it since our wedding. To be perfectly honest, we didn’t really think that hard about it in the first place! Choosing a first dance song was a low priority for us. In fact, it was kind of a random pick – we liked the chorus, it wasn’t horribly difficult to dance to, and it wasn’t particularly old (read: a classic and kind of overplayed) or new (read: super trendy and THE SONG of 2011 weddings). With that said though, I’ve been a guest at weddings where I found myself exchanging surprised “that’s the song they picked?!!” glances with my tablemates. So was our song one of those? A decision that seemed so right at the time, but looking back, is another hilarious wedding-ism – like puffy sleeved dresses or mason jars (spoiler alert – we totally had mason jars) or the “jumping” photo? 

So I listened to it again.

While I was listening, I googled the lyrics. And man, they feel super prophetic!  Reading them now, I see our journey.

“Wanna pack your bags, something small Take what you need and we disappear Without a trace we’ll be gone, gone The moon and the stars can follow the car and then when we get to the ocean We gonna take a boat to the end of the world All the way to the end of the world.”

Although we’re not quite sailing to the end of the world (yet), this song seems like a perfect reflection of our marriage, and our adopted motto of, “Let’s go anywhere”. Our instincts were spot on. I think I love it even more now than I did three years ago. 

Happy Third Anniversary, Munch. You and me – we can do anything. Love you the most.