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Feeling extremely thankful and blessed this year. We’re away from family this year and missing everyone so much. Hug your loved ones tight today! Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving and a great start to your holiday season.

Adventure Tuesday // Cabo Rojo

caborojo-1Playa Sucia (or La Playuela) in Cabo Rojo is easily one of the most popular beaches in Puerto Rico. Many, many locals have recommended it and touted it as their favorite. The last time our friend Brian came to visit, he and Casey attempted to check it out, but weren’t able to make through the massive crowds to actually get there! The beach is located down a long, narrow, dirt road, and in summer, when Puerto Ricans flock to the beaches, it becomes nearly impossible to get to it. We vowed to try again when he returned.

Well, Brian came back a couple weeks ago, and we trekked out to Cabo Rojo, crossing our fingers that a late start combined with a questionable forecast (there was some rain predicted) would keep the crowds to a minimum.


Once we arrived, it was easy to see why this particular beach is so popular. It’s located in a beautiful protected cove, ringed by limestone cliffs and salt flats. Casey was psyched that there were some waves breaking out on a sandbar, and got in some long rides on the paddleboard.


Up on one side of the cliffs is a pretty lighthouse. It’s a quick hike to the top and you’re rewarded by some incredible views.


After a handful of visits, this spot in Cabo Rojo is definitely up there on our list of favorite beaches. We’re going to be sure to take advantage of this spot this winter!



Installing screens in our windows to keep out the swarms of mosquitos that have been attacking

Making some changes to the guest room!

Dusting off my sneakers and getting ready for this year’s exerstreak

Reading tons of non-fiction books

Drinking gallons of orange juice

Organizing years of photos (and getting them into real, tangible albums!)

Getting out on the water via our new stand up paddleboard (we are obsessed!)

Baking lots of cookies and muffins (even though it’s 80+, it’s that time of year!)

Listening obsessively to the podcast Serial (we’re late to the game but it is so, so good!)

Finishing up our Christmas cards (I can’t wait to get them in the mail!)

Feeling sad we won’t make it home for Thanksgiving this year but..

Looking forward to a snowy CNY Christmas!

Adventure Tuesday // Key West!

at-kw-sightsLast month, Casey and I traveled to Florida to attend a friend’s wedding. The wedding was the weekend before our anniversary, so we decided to extend our trip and spend some time in the Florida Keys.

at-kw-convertible Casey has always dreamed of driving Highway 1 over the ocean to Key West, so we made it happen! We rented a convertible, which seemed like a bit of a silly splurge, but ended up being
so. much. fun. It definitely made the loooong drive feel less tedious!

Since it was just a quick trip, we didn’t have too many plans or expectations. We mostly wanted to relax, catch up with one another, and explore a new city. We spent a lot of time wandering around, people watching, and browsing in fun little shops.

at-kw-tandemOne day we rented a tandem bike and pedaled all around town. We were surprisingly good at it (I give all credit to Casey, who did the majority of the steering/balancing) and a bike is totally the best way to explore the island. It was a blast!

at-kw-pieAnother day we skipped lunch and tried a slice of Key Lime pie at the three most famous places (according to a couple locals we polled). All of them were delicious, but the hands down winner was at Blue Heaven – a mile high and covered with fluffy meringue.

at-kw-jollyroverFinally, we enjoyed a Sunset sail on the Jolly Rover – an old and immaculate tall ship. It had been SO LONG (too long!) since we sailed, and it was so nice to get out on the water again. Casey helped hoist the sails, we saw a double rainbow, and witnessed an incredible sunset (they’re famous for a reason!).

at-kw-sunset1All in all, it was a great trip – we found a long weekend to be the perfect amount of time to enjoy Key West.

Introvert or Extrovert?


Are you an introvert or an extrovert? In high school and college, I would have laughed if you called me an introvert, but as I get older, I feel more and more comfortable being by myself. Part of this shift was reading several articles that described into/extroversion as less of a personality trait and more of our personal source of energy. According to this line of thinking:

Introverts gain energy by spending time alone. They find being around people, especially large groups, draining.

Extroverts energy comes from other people. They usually find that their energy levels drop if they spend too much time alone.

My switch from feeling more like an extrovert to a definite introvert has been a bit humbling. In fact, I used to tease my husband for having what I dubbed “loner tendencies.” Although Casey is outgoing and friendly, he gets an insane amount of pleasure out of sailing alone, or a solitary run, or a weekend completely to himself. He needs time after work to sit on the couch and watch a TV show – alone. He is totally energized by puttering around, working on his own projects, doing his own thing.

Recently though, my solitary habits have totally eclipsed his. Part of this likely has to do with the fact that I am no longer working outside of the home, but even more than that, I feel like my interest in being social has totally dropped. Sure, I love to chat with family and friends over the phone, and I love email trains and group text messages. But if I had to choose between going out with Casey’s coworkers or curling up with a book, nine times out of ten I choose the book.

I guess that means we are a good match – both of us need space and time alone. But it could also mean that we unintentionally isolate ourselves. It’s important for us to recognize the difference between being anti-social and simply needing to recharge.

So where do you stand on the spectrum? Anyone feel like they’ve shifted more in one way or another over the years or are you solidly exactly the same?