Adventure Tuesday // Key West!

at-kw-sightsLast month, Casey and I traveled to Florida to attend a friend’s wedding. The wedding was the weekend before our anniversary, so we decided to extend our trip and spend some time in the Florida Keys.

at-kw-convertible Casey has always dreamed of driving Highway 1 over the ocean to Key West, so we made it happen! We rented a convertible, which seemed like a bit of a silly splurge, but ended up being
so. much. fun. It definitely made the loooong drive feel less tedious!

Since it was just a quick trip, we didn’t have too many plans or expectations. We mostly wanted to relax, catch up with one another, and explore a new city. We spent a lot of time wandering around, people watching, and browsing in fun little shops.

at-kw-tandemOne day we rented a tandem bike and pedaled all around town. We were surprisingly good at it (I give all credit to Casey, who did the majority of the steering/balancing) and a bike is totally the best way to explore the island. It was a blast!

at-kw-pieAnother day we skipped lunch and tried a slice of Key Lime pie at the three most famous places (according to a couple locals we polled). All of them were delicious, but the hands down winner was at Blue Heaven – a mile high and covered with fluffy meringue.

at-kw-jollyroverFinally, we enjoyed a Sunset sail on the Jolly Rover – an old and immaculate tall ship. It had been SO LONG (too long!) since we sailed, and it was so nice to get out on the water again. Casey helped hoist the sails, we saw a double rainbow, and witnessed an incredible sunset (they’re famous for a reason!).

at-kw-sunset1All in all, it was a great trip – we found a long weekend to be the perfect amount of time to enjoy Key West.

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