Installing screens in our windows to keep out the swarms of mosquitos that have been attacking

Making some changes to the guest room!

Dusting off my sneakers and getting ready for this year’s exerstreak

Reading tons of non-fiction books

Drinking gallons of orange juice

Organizing years of photos (and getting them into real, tangible albums!)

Getting out on the water via our new stand up paddleboard (we are obsessed!)

Baking lots of cookies and muffins (even though it’s 80+, it’s that time of year!)

Listening obsessively to the podcast Serial (we’re late to the game but it is so, so good!)

Finishing up our Christmas cards (I can’t wait to get them in the mail!)

Feeling sad we won’t make it home for Thanksgiving this year but..

Looking forward to a snowy CNY Christmas!

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