Adventure Tuesday // Cabo Rojo

caborojo-1Playa Sucia (or La Playuela) in Cabo Rojo is easily one of the most popular beaches in Puerto Rico. Many, many locals have recommended it and touted it as their favorite. The last time our friend Brian came to visit, he and Casey attempted to check it out, but weren’t able to make through the massive crowds to actually get there! The beach is located down a long, narrow, dirt road, and in summer, when Puerto Ricans flock to the beaches, it becomes nearly impossible to get to it. We vowed to try again when he returned.

Well, Brian came back a couple weeks ago, and we trekked out to Cabo Rojo, crossing our fingers that a late start combined with a questionable forecast (there was some rain predicted) would keep the crowds to a minimum.


Once we arrived, it was easy to see why this particular beach is so popular. It’s located in a beautiful protected cove, ringed by limestone cliffs and salt flats. Casey was psyched that there were some waves breaking out on a sandbar, and got in some long rides on the paddleboard.


Up on one side of the cliffs is a pretty lighthouse. It’s a quick hike to the top and you’re rewarded by some incredible views.


After a handful of visits, this spot in Cabo Rojo is definitely up there on our list of favorite beaches. We’re going to be sure to take advantage of this spot this winter!

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