Monthly Archives: December 2014

Adventure Tuesday // Our Biggest Adventure Yet


I know what you’re thinking. What could possibly be bigger than packing up and moving to the Caribbean? What could trump an epic two week vacation to Italy that included a whole week of sailing on the Mediterranean? How could we possibly top all of the magical little adventures we’ve had to date and definitively say, “THIS is the BIG one?”


In April, we’ll be adding a little buddy to our crew.  “Skip” – a tiny captain taking the reins of this operation (we’re under no illusions of who will really be in charge once he or she arrives!).

We’re thrilled and terrified and excited and anxious and can’t believe that our little one’s story will start here in Puerto Rico (Casey is really hoping the birth certificate will be in Spanish, because that will be “way cooler”).

I’m still struggling with how much or how little of Skip’s existence to share here (or anywhere online, for that matter). As much as I enjoy reading about other people’s kids and parenting on the internet, I’m just not sure that that path is for us. Not only because of privacy and potential future embarrassment for Skip, but also because I’m not really sure that this is the proper space to be talking about all of that. For me, this blog is about projects and adventures and traveling and fitness and making stuff and is, above all, a record for me, and what I am working on. So while yes, I’m currently working on growing a human, and will definitely share some projects I’ve started in preparation for his/her arrival, I don’t think I’ll be sharing the minutiae of day to day life with a little one.

We’re looking forward to welcoming Skip to the party. See ya in April, little one!

PS There has been a tiny bit of confusion about the name “Skip.” It’s just a silly nickname that we use so that we don’t have to refer to the baby as “it.” We’re not finding out the gender so saying, “Skip” is way easier than trying to figure out a gender-neutral pronoun :)