Resolutions & Resistance


2014 was wild and adventurous and amazing. It was a capital Y year, one full of crazy changes and expanding comfort zones and skyrocketing airline miles. Some years seem bigger than others, and 2014 was a giant.

It sort of makes me long for a quieter trip around the sun – some of my most favorite and treasured memories are from years when nothing huge or remarkable happened, like when Casey and I were recently married and settled into our jobs and our cozy townhouse or the middle years of college when (apart from studying abroad) there was a predictable routine and ebb and flow to the days and seasons and it was easy for me to just soak it all in. 

But as I’m staring down the next 300+ days, I know that is not going to be the case. I actually find myself feeling a bit… apprehensive about this year. It’s another BIG ONE for sure – we’re expecting our first baby, and we will likely decide what/where is next for us. These are good and exciting and wonderful things, yes, but they are also big fat question marks and because I don’t know what to expect or how it will all shake out, I’m feeling quite a bit nervous.


I don’t usually make New Year’s Resolutions, preferring to instead use my birthday list for the year’s goals and plans – there’s something about turning another year older that feels much more like a clean slate to me than the somewhat arbitrary day of January 1st. However, this year, I felt like I need a little extra oomph – something to coordinate with my birthday list and keep me focused on the all of the good (because truly, our life is SO GOOD).

So I’ve chosen one little word – a tiny mantra to see me through the madness and goodness that 2015 will surely bring.


  1. To increase gradually in size, amount, etc.; become greater or larger; expand: His influence has grown.
  2. Grow into, to become mature or experienced enough for: She grew into the job, although she   
     wasn’t qualified for it at first.
  3. To be capable of growth; thrive.

These three definitions are guiding me this year. I want to grow my business. My body needs to expand and nurture the little one within. Casey and I will need to grow into parenthood. We want to work on our language skills and grow into our community. And above all, I hope for us to thrive. To take on the amazing and difficult, the wonderful and challenging, the happiness and anxiety – head on.

PS more about One Little Word can be found here: Ali Edwards  |  Elise Joy  |  One Word 365

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