Hi there! I’m Kacie – a flexible, active and adventurous freelance graphic designer. After a whirlwind year in sunny Puerto Rico, my husband Casey and I are back in our native New England where you can find me reveling in the cool breezes, wearing a sweatshirt, drinking a hot coffee and watching the seasons change (I reallllly missed being cold!).

While we were in Puerto Rico, we welcomed a sweet baby girl (known around here as Skip)!
She is the best baby and we are loving watching her grow.

This little blog is all about the little things – the tiny little pieces of life that fill me with happiness. Anything is game –  creative projects, process and inspiration, running and fitness, travel and crazy adventures, friends and family, lists and goals… and on and on.  I hope you’ll find something that resonates with you and fills you with joy too.

Thanks for stopping by!
xo Kacie



PS Here’s where the name comes from…

resolutely or dutifully firm and unwavering


expressing or causing great happiness


Yes, that’s exactly what I want to be!


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